ULTRA4 OffRoad Racing is an adventure racing app that is bound to cast a spell on you during gameplay.

You are going to get that feeling as if you were actually sitting in the driver’s seat and feeling the heat of the extremely tough terrain as well as the pressure of reaching the finish line before other racers. The graphics could had been a lot better though, but they aren’t that bad either. All in all a fine effort at simulating what goes on in an actual race. Available for only $1.99!

Download: ULTRA4 Offroad Racing (Android) and ULTRA4 Offroad Racing (iOS)


The action begins when you have to choose from 6 different vehicles that look just like a real life vehicle taking part in actual races. These vehicles are modeled on their real life compatriots and they have the same attributes as well. You get that uncomfortable feeling for yourself and a sad feeling for your drive when you make your vehicle take a far bigger plunger than what it is built to endure, for example. The developers have been very meticulous in adding minute details to these vehicles as far as the axle and suspension are concerned. And now for your truck to look like a rocket, you have many skins to choose from.
Just like in a real life situation, the app revolves around the driver’s career. Each career is made up of 42 races on 32 different tracks! That’s how detailed and elaborate this game is. The points awarded for each race and the ranking system based on those points is also the replication of the actual one.


Like every other app that comes up with methods to catch the imagination of users and keep them glued to itself, ULTRA4 Offroad Racing contains tons of unlockables ranging from vehicles, tracks to even bonus modes! A couple of unlockables worth mentioning separately are the helmet camera that gives a bit of a different kind of view than the conventional one and then there is the Pro Mode for extra realism as well as more difficulty. Awesomeness packed in 1 app!


At the very end, let’s not forget to mention a downside that is causing issues worldwide. ULTRA4 Offroad Racing is reported to be crashing on a few occasions on both Android and iOS devices. The developers have tried to rectify this issue in the latest version (1.03) but it seems they haven’t been totally successful in doing so. Here’s wishing them luck so they can fix this issue as soon as possible.