Google Play is increasing its strength in apps industry after successful launch of App Store. Thousands of new Android Apps are coming out to improve user’s experience. It’s quite confusing which apps to use. This roundup covers top Android Apps 2013 to narrow down your selection and help you select the best apps that suits your requirements.

Kingsoft Office 5.5

Kingsoft Office Androdi

This android app provides Office software features free-of-cost. Unlike other apps it doesn’t restrict editing features. It supports more than 20 file types. It includes email integration and file manager features. You can connect to Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and other cloud storage services with Kingsoft Office 5.5.

Download Kingsoft Office 5.5 from Google App Store.


Locale Android
This app automates general tasks on your smartphone. It is designed by keeping user interest in mind. It automates daily-basis activities. For instance, you can set ring volume to silent whenever you reach at your office workplace. These tasks are based on situations. You can activate more than one situation at a time. It’s very user-friendly and it saves your time especially while performing repetitive tasks.

Download Locale from Google Play Store.


This is another very interesting Android app. It is useful for business users and for those who deal with websites. Use this app to track traffic stats of multiple websites you host. It provides detailed information about the visitors and their location, device (computer/ mobile), operating system, browser and visit timing.

Download Weebly from Google Play Store.

Google Keep

Google Keep
You can use Google Keep for quick note-taking. It has functionality to add photos and voice memos. It allows you to use Google Drive.

Download Google Keep from Google Play Store.

Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Touch
Photoshop Touch is really amazing. It improves the smartphone functionality. It contains all of the core functions of Photoshop version for PC. This app is a best choice to edit your photos, add layers, effects and do most of the things that you do with Photoshop for desktop. It is not a free app; you have to pay for it.
Download Photoshop Touch from Google Play Store.


This android app is must for people travelling to UK. This works as your travel assistant. It provides roadmapping, pedestrians, live traffic updates and speedy camera locations. Furthermore it helps you finding selected list of restaurants, cash machines and other stations in London.

Download M8 from Google Play Store.

Business Calendar

Business Calendar
Business calendar is professional calendar. It lets you set-up and change your regular business activities. You can set appointments or weekly schedule with a few taps.

Download Business Calendar from Google Play Store.


Spotify app is something exceptional for music lovers. It enables you to listen whichever song you want. It is available on Google Play in both Free and Play versions.

Download Spotify from Google Play Store.


Pinterest is a good social media and news app which lets you upload Pins and view your boards. The app is deeply integrated with Android devices to share the news.

Download Pinterest from Google Play Store.


This voice broadcasting app for Android helps you record and send voice messages. It comes with Send SMS Blast and Send Call Blast features.

Download DialMyCalls from Google Play Store.


Vine Android
Vine for Android allows you to record six seconds long video and share it on Twitter. Hold your finger on screen and app would automatically record the video. It would stop recording once you remove your finger from the screen. To record multiple videos, you need to continue holding your finger. You can record multiple clips and thread them together. Videos are recorded through backend camera using Zoom feature.

Download Vine from Google Play Store.

Gmail (Update)

Gmail Android
Gmail app for Android version 2.3.5 offers distinctive features and performance improvements. Users of the app can manage and organize inbox data through tabs. Tabs are newly integrated features in the app. Tabs are of different types, viz. Forums, Promotions, Updates, Primary and Social. The app provides you updates on new incoming email. You can manage multiple accounts through this app.

Download Gmail (Update) from Google Play Store.