Android is a big player in the smartphone industry though it lacks quality sync features. At the moment there is no integrated software available in Android to sync files to Mac computer.

What if a third party software fulfils all your sync needs? Syncmate from Eltima is among the most popular Android app used nowadays. It provides a more simplified approach to sync music, calendar & images.

Android to Mac Simplified

Download the following two programs required to sync Android with Mac:

1)      Download Android app SyncMate for Android from the Android Store.

2)      Download Sync Mac for your Mac.

First of all, download the free version of Sync Mac. Once you finish installing the app, open it and select “Upgrade to Expert Edition” option. You’ll have to pay $40 USD to access additional features. The complete list of premium features is given below:

a)      Bookmark Sync

b)      Contacts Sync (Outlook 2011, Entourage 2008 and Address Book)

c)      Time Synchronization

d)      iTunes and video Sync

e)      iPhoto Albums, Folder , iCal sync

f)       Device Info, Mail, SMS Manager, Application List, Activity Log, Reminders plug-in

g)      Mail Notes, Mount devices to additional disk

h)      Encrypt Data and Auto sync

Different Ways for Establishing a Connection

There are different ways to use Syncmate with Android. Three ways to establish connection are given below.

1)      USB Cable

2)      WiFi Internet

3)      Bluetooth

However the best option would be to use a USB Cable.

Actual Procedure

1)      Open SyncMate on your Android device.

2)      Tap Add Connection.

3)      Select Android from the drop down list.

4)     Turn On Debugging Mode by tapping Settings | Applications | Development | USB Debugging.

4)      Select Connection Type to USB.

5)      Name your Device and tap Finish.

Which Stuff I can Sync?

Syncmate gives a more simplified approach to synchronize the following features:

a)      iCal, iPhoto, iTunes

b)      Address Book

c)      Safari Bookmarks

d)      Folders

The app makes iPhoto sync pretty simple. What you have to do is select a playlist for iTunes.

Different tools such as SMS Manager, SMS Reader, Call History and Mount Disk make the app more interesting. SMS Manager lets you read all messages on your computer. The messages are sort by their contacts. SMS Reader shows text messages sorted by phone numbers. SMS Reader is not separately required if you’re using the Expert Edition.

Besides SMS Manager, you can see the call history with Calls History plug-in. You can also add any contacts to your list which will be automatically synchronized with your phone.

What the App Lacks?

Wi-Fi Internet users may find it inconvenient to sync through Wi-Fi option. The Contact Sync app is bit slower.


The app offers many interesting features which would stick people to use it for a longer time. With the advancement of the technology, people are looking to integrate SMS and call history viewing ability to their computers. These are the features of Syncmate that attracts many users.