With more than 1.79 billion Facebook users worldwide (and with 1.18 billion users who logged in daily), Facebook Ads can reach an audience more than seven times bigger than GoT audience (as of June 28, 2016, there were 23 million average users per episode).

If you’re not going global (which is most likely the case), you can target Facebook Ads to global demographics (location, gender, relationship status, education, brand preferences, musical tastes, and so on). Target specific segments within your customer base. (Your GoT customer base is huge—as of January 23, 2017, there were 19,780,973 GoT fans on Facebook.)

Creating Facebook Ads is fun. All you’ve got to do is:

  • Select your GoT audience
  • Set your budget
  • Set a start and end date and
  • Measure results

You can purchase ads based on Cost Per Impression (CPM) or Cost Per Click (CPC). And unlike Google AdWords, Facebook Ads allows you to leverage social graphs—a huge collection of every Page, group, app, and interests liked by GoT fans on Facebook.


Don’t Waste Any Word

Given a 25-character limit on the title and a 90-character limit on the body, you can’t waste any word. Be direct, clear-cut, and honest about your goal. Heed these guidelines:

  1. Ask a question (both in your headline and in the body of the ad).
  2. Reference your target audience. Give it a shout-out such as “Hey, GoT fans…”
  3. Be direct. Tell your audience exactly what you want them to do: “Click here to watch GoT for free.”
  4. Use influencers’ testimonials. Try to establish credibility. Highlight an endorsement, such as “Voted America’s best TV series.”

When you’re using GoT as a keyword to target an ad campaign, don’t forget to include this keyword in the ad copy.