Poweramp is a commercial music player app which plays a huge variety of audio file formats.

It is currently available for Android devices only. Just like any other music player, Poweramp is often affected by duplicate soundtracks which not only waste the precious space in mobile devices / tablets, but also mix up with the original content and result in the same song being played multiple times. Therefore, it is imperative to find a way out to get rid of duplicate tracks and get the most of this beautiful piece of programming. And this is exactly what the following solution will demonstrate.



This method is extremely simple, very convenient to follow, doesn’t cost a dime, and yet it delivers results with the level of accuracy that users desire. Another benefit is the ability to inspect the files before removing them. This solution assumes that the music files are placed in the Music folder in the Android file system, but the principle explained here works for any other folder as well.

  1. Tap on the Play Store button to launch it.
  2. Type in search duplicate file, and select the most relevant result.
  3. Tap on INSTALL to kickstart the installation process. Open it once the installation is over.
  4. Now locate the Select checkbox and tap on it, select the Unselect all option to basically do away with all the folders being included in the scan for duplicate files.
  5. Now find the folder which has to be scanned for duplicate music files. This solution assumes that the music files are located in the Music folder. Move the cursor so that it is diagonally aligned to the file’s name on the right side until you locate the three vertical dotted button.
  6. Tap it, and then tap on Select.
  7. Now make sure the folder to be scanned is selected.
  8. Once the folder has been selected, locate the rather unusually designed button (consists of a small circle, a triangle and a square) right under your mobile phone’s battery icon and tap it.
  9. Select Audios from the opened list.
  10. Results in the Search Results will show up very soon. However, please note that all the duplicate audio files will be selected at this moment. If you wish to remove all of them without any exception, jump straight to step # 13, otherwise continue to the next step.
  11. Tap on the following check box to unselect all the audio files.
  12. Now select the audio files you wish to remove by selecting the three vertical dotted button on each group and then tap on Select for each file.
  13. Click on the dustbin icon to initiate the removal.
  14. The confirmation prompt will display the file size, the number of files selected, the number of groups selected besides the YES and NO options. Simply tap on YES to discard all the selected duplicate music files from the device for good.