Keeping your media files up-to-date and well organized at all times is a must-have nowadays.

Meta Tags help add more meaning to the media file and help speed up future searches for a specific set of media miles more speedy as well as deliver better results to the search query. The most widely used version of Meta Tags in use nowadays is the ID3 version.

Manually adding Meta Tags is certainly one of the options that can be exercised, but if the number of target files is very high, that means the user must look for an automated solution to speed things up as well as be assured of accuracy.

MusicBrainz Picard is one such nice piece of programming, that applies all the Meta Tags within seconds and with absolute accuracy. It’s a must have for music buffs as a disorganized music collection is of no use and can prove to be a huge burden at times. What’s even better is that this program is completely free to use!

  1. Navigate to the following web URL:
  2. Download Picard for by clicking on the orange button that will be prominently displayed on the page..
  3. Install the software by executing the setup program you just downloaded.
  4. Add all the music files to Picard by dragging and dropping them onto it. To select all the music files; use Ctrl + A, to drag and drop them; click and hold (left mouse button) the selected files, move the cursor on top of the Unwatched Files folder, and release the left mouse button.
  5. Now patiently let Picard update the media files automatically. Alternatively, you can click Scan by selecting the Unmatched files.
  6. Finally, click Save to embed the respective meta data within each media file.