Games on Android

The number of apps available on Android platform has rocketed with the increasing popularity of Android smartphones and tablets. There are several free games available on the Android platform. The Android Store is full of exciting games. Nevertheless many of them are junk which is the real concern for an end user. Due to increasing number of games it becomes very difficult to find, download and play interesting games. Many of us waste time and disk space by downloading junk games.

This article is all about Hay Day Android which has recently gained popularity in the Android world. We’re sure you would love this game and play it for hours.

Hay Day Android

Hay Day Overview

Hay Day gives an entirely new framing experience to its players. It gives smooth gestural controls which were initially designed for iPad and iPhone users. The game provides a peaceful experience of the nature that includes very basic life of working, the land, pigs, cows, chickens and sheeps.

The game is very close to Farmville, one of the most popular games on Facebook. In Farmville, you were needed to make your name through different ways. But in Hay Day you need to make name by harvesting crops and building bakeries, dairies and sugar mills that produces goods. You can trade with your fellows/ friends in the Farmer’s Market.

Hay Day for Android Insights

With the popularity of Hay Day on iPhone & iPad, people started asking if they could play the same game on their Android devices. The game developers received demand from huge number of people to introduce the same game on Android devices.

Coders however managed to work on fully functional version of Hay Day that could work on Android. The application under progress was an emulator which replicated iPhone. When emulator replicates, game can’t even notice that from which environment it is being played. All the features work in the same way as you were playing in iPhone.

One of the most interesting features of Hay Day is that if you are playing the game on iPhone and you have gained a certain progress, you won’t have to start it again if you opt to play it through Android device. This means that you just need to login through your account and start playing the game without any hassle. When you login through your account, you would enjoy the same features and all your friends in Hay Day as you were enjoying on iPhone.

How to Play Hay Day on your Android Device?

a.    Click here to download the game.
b.    After downloading install it on your device.
c.    Start the game.