Spotify is making worldwide, instant accessibility to all music possible.

While Facebook helps you reconnect with your best friends and make new ones, Spotify is helping you discover music through friends and search. Spotify works hard to make the listening process instant. Who needs a digital life for everything you listen to, when Spotify can help free up gigabytes on your hard disk by serving up your tunes instead? You will hardly run into jumps or skip when you are listening music on Spotify this way. That does not mean that the streaming is perfect, but it’s really impressive.


Let’s Get Real: Spotify isn’t Perfect

But Spotify isn’t a universal remedy. Like all software, errors do occur in it. It’s frustrating when duplicate music files scattered all over your playlist. But Spotify isn’t alone. Duplicates do appear on iTunes, too—but iTunes has a built-in facility to remove all dupes; Spotify does not (not yet, anyway). You need to delete them all from your playlist, one-by-one. But Windows PowerShell is handy. It helps you delete all your duplicates. But it’s very time-consuming. Heed this tedious tutorial:

  1. Launch Spotify and get yourself logged in.
  2. Tap any playlist.
  3. Select any single music file.
  4. Tap Ctrl + A (it selects all your tracks).
  5. Right-click on the highlighted tracks and tap Copy Spotify URL.
  6. Now open Notepad++ (download it from if you don’t have it).
  7. Paste in Notepad++ all the URLs you’ve copied and save it anywhere you want (you’ll need it later).
  8. Now click Windows PowerShell (it’s in Windows start menu) and type this command: (this command is for retrieving the URLs you saved in the Notepad++ file. Sort-Object in this command bundles the duplicates together and gu (get-unique) command discards them off. Songs_New.txt is the file where it will later save the de-duplicate content).
  9. Now open songs_new.txt.
  10. Copy URLs from it.
  11. Now come back to Spotify and move straight to the list you selected. Right-click on all tracks and select them all. Hit Remove from the Playlist.
  12. Now find any blank area in your playlist and press Ctrl + V. This is how PowerShell cleans up your duplicates.
  13. If PowerShell doesn’t work (it happens if you’re using old version of Windows), use this website: It’s self-explanatory. Drag and drop all tracks from your playlist and hit DeDuplicate.
  14. Done? Now drag and drop the remaining tracks to a new playlist on Spotify.

This is admittedly a tedious workaround and it would take millions of hours to complete if you do have a huge playlist. (Double check your Internet speed.) PowerShell is handy in that it’s risk-free and works super fast.