Error 927 is a downloading error. It appears on Android based Smartphones. People receive this error when they initiate app download process from Google Play market place. The download process fails with this error.


1.   Update all Apps

2.   Clear Device Cache

3.   Reset app preferences

4.   Create new Google Play account

5.   Use WiFi connection to download apps

6.   Clear Google Play Data

7.  Configure Android Market Accounts (For ICS)

8.  Review Filters of your Router

9.  Uninstall Recent Updates

10. Clear the Android Market Data

11. Delink your Google Account

Clean Junk and Fix Issues

Fix Android Error 927


Update all Apps

Error 927 appears when your smartphone apps are out-of-date. The first step is to update all apps installed in your smartphone. You need to check each app you have installed and update outdated apps one by one. You can easily update your device apps by going through the manuals provided by the publishers/manufacturers.

Clear Device Cache

If you continue receiving error 927 even after updating your apps, it’s time to clear the device cache. Clear corrupt cache contents as shown below:

·         Turn on your smartphone.

·         Go to Settings | Storage | Cache Data.

·         Click OK to confirm cleaning cache data.

·         Now try to download your new app.

Reset App Preferences

Resetting app preferences is another useful tweak to fix Android error 927. It will reset all apps preferences to their default settings at once. Follow the procedures given below:

·         Open your Android Phone App Drawer.

·         Select Settings and choose Apps Option.

·         Now press menu key.

·         Select Reset App Preferences.

·         A warning screen will appear.n Tap Reset App optio.

·         This action will reset all the app preferences

·         Now go back to App Drawer. Configure apps to their default settings.

Create new Google Play Account

Error 927 can be resolved by creating a new Google Play account. Use a different name for your new account. Follow the procedure given below to do so:

·         Turn your Smartphone on.

·         Create a new Google Play account. Fill up the required info.

·         Start Google Play and select the new account you have just created.

·         Go to My App and download the app you are trying to download.

Use WiFi Connection to Download Apps

Google has not declared any official solutions for error 927 problem. Google is working on this problem and will release a solution very soon. For the time being Google has recommended its users to use WiFi connection for downloading the apps. This resolves error 927.

Clear Google Play Data

You might need to remove the Google Play Data. Do the steps given below:

1. Tap Settings | Manage Applications.

2. Find “Google Play”.

3. Tap Force Stop | Clear Data.

Configure Android Market Accounts (For ICS):

Please follow these steps only if you’re using the ICS:

1. Open Android Market.

2. Press the Menu button of your phone.

3. Select an account.

4. Select the account you would like to use with the Android Market. Select a different account than the existing.

Review Filters of your Router

Do you use Cisco or Linksys Router? If so, review the filters of your router. Disable the Proxy Filter and re-open Google Play Store. You won’t receive error 927 Android.

Uninstall Recent Updates

Did you recently install new updates? Uninstall any recently installed updates.

1. Tap Settings | Applications.

2. Tap All | Market | Uninstall Updates.

Clear the Android Market Data

Delete Android Market Data stored on your smartphone.

1. Tap Settings | Applications.

2. Tap Manage Applications | All | Market | Clear Data.

Delink your Google Account

If you’re linked any of your existing Google accounts, please delink them now. The phone may have failed to synchronize certain data and it may have caused this problem.

1. Unlock the phone.
2. Tap the Main Menu icon.
3. Tap Settings.
4. Tap Accounts & Sync under Personal category.
5. Tap Google.
6. If your Google account is linked with your smartphone it will be displayed in this page. Tap the account email id.
7. In the subsequent page, tap the Menu icon at the top right corner of the screen.
8. Tap Remove option.