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Poweramp Duplicate Songs Removal

Poweramp is a commercial music player app which plays a huge variety of audio file formats

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Fine-Tune Your Spotify by Removing All Duplicate Music Files

Spotify is making worldwide, instant accessibility to all music possible

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Simplify Your Lives by Backing Up All Lightroom Photos

Gone are the days when you needed one program to download your photos, another for managing them, one for editing and one more for backing them up

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Reaching Game of Thrones Audience Using Facebook Ads

With more than 1.79 billion Facebook users worldwide (and with 1.18 billion users who logged in daily), Facebook Ads can reach an audience more than seven times bigger than GoT audience (as of June 28, 2016, there were 23 million average users per episode)

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Two Easy Steps to Remove Lagging in Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere is an equivalent of Apple Final Cut Pro X, Avid Xpress DV, Pinnacle Edition and Sonic Vegas

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