Netflix content won’t be accessible on your Android phone/ tablet and error 12001 will be displayed on the screen. The best way to fix this error is to clean up your android device with ST CLEANER & BOOSTER App.

Clear Up Netflix App Cache, Data and Restore Default Settings

Your Netflix files have got corrupted or the app changes are misconfigured.

1. Open up Main Menu and then go to Settings.

2. Tap Apps to see the list of available apps installed through Android PlayStore and via APK files.

3. Now that you’ve list of only downloaded apps. To see full list of all apps, tap All icon at the lower right corner of your phone screen.

4. Scroll down the list; tap Netflix icon.

5. Here you see different settings for the selected app. Tap the button named “Clear Data”.

6. After successfully clearing up the data, it’s time to delete cache contents as well. Tap “Clear Cache” button.

7. It is also recommended to set app settings to system defaults by tapping “Clear Defaults” button.

8. Exit the page; reboot your device.

Switch to a Wi-Fi Connection

Are you using a poor speed 3G or 4G Internet connection? Switch to a High-Speed Wi-Fi and try loading Netflix again. Error 12001 appears on Android devices as the mobile fails to retrieve data during sufficient interval.

Ensure Steaming is Supported

If you aren’t connected to a home network and using a public, work or school Wi-Fi, it is possible that the steaming is disabled. Contact the network administrator to enable streaming support to your device.

Modify Graphics Settings

You may have to change the video settings in case of heavy bandwidth usage.

1. Open

2. Login to your account.

3. Click Account Settings link.

4. Click Video Quality.

5. Randomly check-out all the options from drop down box until you fix Netflix error 12001 on Android device.