Today we’re going to be showing you some amazing tips and tricks for using Windows 10.

Some of these features have been here since Windows 7 and even earlier than that. But the fact remains that most people still do not know about these features.


Aero Shake

This feature gives you the ability to minimize all the windows that are open except for the one that you want. All you have to do is grab on the title bar or whatever window you have open and then shake it, everything else will minimize.


Send Text Messages with Cortana

Did you know you have the ability to send text messages through Cortana? That’s right! This feature is here if you have a Windows Phone or an Android Phone with Cortana installed.


Extended Right-Click Menu

This is one feature which has been in Windows for a long time but it’s something that still a lot of people do not know, it’s the extended right-click menu. Now normally you would right-click something if you want to get more options. However, if you hold down the Shift key and then right-click, this will give you a couple of more options depending on what you click on. Now this does not work absolutely everywhere, it really depends on the application you are using and the specific option that you are clicking on.


Scroll Wheel / Third Mouse Button

The scroll wheel that you have on the mouse is not just a scroll wheel, it’s also a third mouse button. And that third button actually has some very special features depending on what application you are using. If you are using an internet browser or File Explorer for example, and if you have it open in the taskbar, clicking the middle button on the mouse will open up a new window. So if you’re using Microsoft Edge, this is the fastest way to open up a new window. If you’re using any web browser and you middle click a link, it’s going to open that link in a new window. Additionally, if you middle click on a tab, it’s going to go ahead and close it! Now please don’t mix this with the Shift button, even though if you hold down the Shift key and middle click thing, you’ll find there are very interesting shortcuts.


Quick Launch Apps

The start menu is a nice place to get to apps quickly, especially the ones you use most frequently. But a lot of people actually go head and pin their apps to the taskbar to get to them even more quickly. Now if you would like to keep your hands on the keyboard as much as as possible, you can actually pin apps to the taskbar and launch them with a neat little keyboard shortcut. If you hold down the Windows Key and the number corresponding with the location of where that app is pinned on the taskbar, it is going to launch that application. For instance, if I have 2 different apps pinned on the taskbar and I press Windows Key + 2, it will launch the second app located on the taskbar.


E-mail Notifications

The Mail App in Windows 10 is very impressive and very nice to use. However, it doesn’t serve up notifications when emails come in, at least not by default. That is a feature you can enable by navigating to Settings | Options and then scrolling down to the bottom you will come across an option that enables you to show those notifications in the Action Center. And then there are 2 different options to enable sound and a notification banner.


Special Characters & Accents

In Windows, it’s always been very difficult to get to special characters and accents. So for example you’re using Microsoft Word and wanted to type out the word Résumé, finding the exact accent character might take you a while unless you are well versed with Microsoft Word. Fortunately since Windows 8.1, this hasn’t been a problem. If you don’t use a touch screen device, you may not know that there is a very nice on-screen keyboard built into Windows 10. If you right-click the taskbar and then choose the option to show that touch keyboard, you can actually go ahead and click on that icon, press and hold on that letter e, and finally select the correct one. This will work for a number of different letters, virtually any extra character that you need to use, you will be able to find it in this keyboard.